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Internet access helping Barboursville Vineyards expand its reach

Internet access helping Barboursville Vineyards expand its reach

By Isabel Cleary | NBC 29

Published: May. 27, 2022 at 2:47 PM EDT

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WVIR) - FiberLync is working to get all of Orange County broadband connection.

It is an on going project that depends on funding.

FiberLync connected Barboursville Vineyards to the internet in late July of last year, now even on days where the power goes out the internet stays strong.

“We’re very happy,” General Manager of Barboursville Vineyards Luca Paschina said.

The vineyard goes back to the 1700s, when it was a sheep farm. Now it is a place where thousands of people come each year. Internet is helping to spread their reach.

“A lot of people come to visit here on the estate over 50,000 a year, and they like to have connectivity,” Paschina said. “Social media works that way too. So having that really is going to increase even more our visibility of our brand throughout the country.”

FiberLync installed fiber underground for the vineyard. It keeps the offices busy and saves the vineyard money.

“Before we had two satellites for where we were getting the data also, we had some hotspots. So we needed multiple devices, and yet the connectivity was good, but it wasn’t great, and was expensive too,” Paschina said.

They say the wait was worth it.

“I think having a solid line that is reliable, I think is a good way to go,” Paschina said.

Connecting Orange County to the internet is an on going project and the timeline will depend on funding. If you are interested in getting fiber to your business FiberLync says to call 540-360-0585.

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