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FiberLync Easement Q and A

What is an easement?

An easement gives a person or entity the right to use or access someone else’s land for a limited and specific purpose. As a new fiber company, we do not have the same access that utility easements have. Therefore, we obtain an easement agreemen,t from homeowners/landowners to place fiberoptic cable underground on private roads. Here is a pdf of our easement agreement below.

Nonexclusive Agreement of Easement ONLY FiberLync Template
Download PDF • 181KB

Why do you need an easement before you can build fiber on my road?

We need easements on private roads where the homeowners/landowners either own the entire road or part of the road. In Virginia, most roads are either state maintained (VDOT) or private roads. We must obtain easements on private roads to place fiberoptic cable before we can serve the residents of a private road.

Why do I need to sign an easement?

I already have a utility easement. Having an existing utility easement on your property does not necessarily give FiberLync the use of that easement. We need easement agreements signed by each homeowner/landowner to give permission to place fiber underground.

How much does it cost to sign the easement?

Nothing! There is no charge to any homeowners/landowners to lay main line fiber on private roads. The main line construction is built into our funding for the build area. Private driveways are not included in this.

Does this easement give you total access to my entire property?

No. This easement agreement gives FiberLync permission to place fiber optic cable underground and maintain our fiber build.

Why does the easement need to be notarized?

We need the form to be notarized so that we can record it with the courthouse land records.

Can I sign the easement for another homeowner?

No. The named property owner(s) will need to sign the easement agreement form.

What if my neighbor refuses to sign?

It might be possible that you already have a utility easement running through your neighbor’s property. If you don’t already have such easement rights, then each homeowner/landowner who owns a portion of the private road/private drive will need to sign an easement before we can place fiber. If you have a neighbor that refuses to sign, we can have a FiberLync staff member speak to your neighbor and explain our process.

What if I still have questions?

If you have questions call our office 540-360-0585 or email questions to We are here to answer any questions and help in any way we can.


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