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Press Release - FiberLync Expands Broadband Service into Gordonsville


For Immediate Release

December 9, 2021

FiberLync Expands Broadband Service into Gordonsville

FiberLync, Orange County’s provider of broadband internet service, has announced their release of broadband service to residents and businesses along East Gordon and West Gordon Avenue in the town of Gordonsville. Specifically, those located between 110 and 400 W. Gordon, and those located between 101 and 212 E. Gordon, may now subscribe to connect to broadband internet through FiberLync. Post cards are being mailed out this week to inform those along Gordon Avenue of service availability.

“We appreciate FiberLync’s efforts to bring broadband internet to the town,” noted Town Manager Debbie Kendall. “Access to broadband will offer our residents and businesses a choice for fast and reliable internet service, and the release of service along Gordon Avenue is just the first phase of broadband expansion into our community. It is expected that broadband internet service will be built out and become available to all residents and businesses within the town over the next 18 – 24 months.

Mayor Robert Coiner emphasized the importance of high-speed broadband for Gordonsville’s citizens, businesses and organizations. “Affordable high-speed broadband puts us on equal footing with the best-connected communities in the country,” he stated. “Our children will have all the advantages of broadband in their education, our citizens can be employed anywhere in the world and be able to work from home in Gordonsville effectively. Our citizens will also have access to services such as streaming for television and videoconferencing for telehealth, both of which require large amounts of data transmission. And, of course, high-speed broadband is imperative for our business community to be competitive, and it allows us to recruit new businesses that require high-speed internet access for their operations.”

Supervisor Mark Johnson stated "I'm excited to have the Town of Gordonsville as a new partner in FiberLync's project to provide broadband internet service to all Orange County residents. The efforts of Mayor Coiner, Town Council, and Town Manager Kendall to make this happen will greatly benefit our residents and will add another incentive to encourage business location and development in Gordonsville.”

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